To all the Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. Thank you for keeping me a sane mommy. Thanks for sharing your mom advice, stories and hugs. Thanks for being an ear when I need to vent. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to be Mom to my boys. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not “just” a mom.

To my boys, I love you more than everything. I can imagine my life without you, but it’s a sadder, slower empty life for me now. I hope I can do my best to help you become great men. I want you to be your best selves. Become good citizens, good husbands and fathers. My promise is to help set a good example for you. I work hard at this everyday, please have patience with me as I have patience with you.

Traveling, Moving & Packing list!

We have enough to do as Moms, but add in packing for a trip or a move can stress a woman out!

I have found a spreadsheet that can help. It’s a downloadable spreadsheet from Google Documents.

Go to  Click on the little tab that says “more”. Choose “documents”.  Login to your google      account. What?? You don’t have one yet? Well, it’s free and what are you waiting for. Click “Create an   Account Now”

Once you’ve logged into google, click on “more” then “documents”. Search Packlist.  A copy of Packlist and Trip Preparation will come up.

It’s great for packing for a short trip or a big move and is customizable.
There are three sections one for physically packing items, one to do list for before you leave and one list for caretakers left behind. I really like that from this main spreadsheet I can print off a list for the petsitter, babysitter or housesitter. One step down! The less steps I do, the less stress for me.


Here are some other items I have found helpful during my many moves:

A copy of Packlist and Trip Preparation

The Best How-To Book on Moving to Mexico

Moving Boxes w/Wardrob Box & All Supplies -Fast & Low Cost Shipping!
Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places

Digital Luggage Scale (Green)
The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day
Garmin nüvi Portable GPS Navigator

In-Car Notebook/DVD Player Travel Case- Case Attaches to Rear or Front Seat(Fits Notebooks Up To 10.2 Inches)Bananagrams

What do you mean I have big phalanges?

A couple of weeks ago I attended a baby shower. There were a gaggle of first time pregnant moms-to-be and a couple of us experienced moms. The subject of nursing came up in our conversation. The first time moms were confident that nursing would be a breeze because it’s a natural process, the pregnancy books had a small section on nursing and some had even had a nursing class at their birthing center. An experienced mom in the group said “pfft!”, then proceeded with what most nursing consultants will tell you when leave the hospital, “just keep on pumping.” She then told a story of late night pumping, no milk and exhausted cries from mom and babe. The new moms looked a little shocked and worried of nights to come.
I of course have a big mouth and decided to tell my Tale of Two Titties, so to speak. The first time I became a mom I did what everyone told me, didn’t worry about nursing, it would come naturally, but buy bottles just in case. My sons were born early and both had jaundice. This is very common, but can cause the babies to fall asleep easily and make feeding them a real issue. Nursing a sleeping baby is futile. So nurses asked me to pump to keep my milk. I pumped, and pumped and cried. I called for help and a lovely lactation consultant told me to relax and pump some more. Let me just say I was not relaxed, I was worried and blistered. The milk was not coming, the baby was sleeping and I was tired. I tried different positions, creams, teas, yoga positions, pumps, pillows, everything I could think of and eventually gave up and only nursed to give the baby comfort.
The next time I would be ready.
Baby two…
Nursed five minutes into life. Success…then jaundice set in again. Here comes the dreaded pump. I started pumping and same thing happened, pump, pump and no milk, just sore missle tits. I contacted the lactation consultant, she took one look at me and said, “oh no honey, you have big nipples.” WTF? Excuse me, I thought. She told me that the cups or phalanges that come with the pumps come in more than one size and I was using a small size. I needed extra large. She brought some big phalanges and Ta Da! Milk. I wish I knew about the different sizes when I had my first child. Why don’t they tell you these things?? I didn’t see this info in books, from other nurses or on the racks baby stores. We are not all one size fits all. Suprise, but you knew that.
Luckily, the second baby took to nursing so well that i didn’t have to pump that much. I wanted to pass along the information that could have saved me lots and lots of lanisol. The pumps have different sized phalanges ask. The nurses van get them or you can order them from the pharmacy where you get your pump. Buyer beware 😉

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Transient lifestyle

In Girl Scouts we had to memorize a song, it went like this: “make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”
It can be hard for some of us to make new friends knowing they or us might have to pick up and move sooner than later. We don’t want to get hurt, but isn’t making a new friend worth it? I have tons of friends all over the world and though it’s not like having one down the street it doesn’t make it any less sweet.
Someone told me this week that when we are born we start dying. Everyday is a gift You cant give up and retreat, just because you
Might get hurt. You might miss a great opportunity to meet someone amazing. You have to get out there and make new friends! Just like you there is another mom that just moved in or has had a good friend move. You are in the same boat. So get out there and make a friend. You might make a great difference in their life and they might in yours also. I think it’s worth the risk, don’t you?

Well Child Care and My Sanity

by Lela Demeter

As of late, I have been having issues with well child care and my insurance company.  Without getting into too much detail, my carrier believes in a yearly cap on well child care, which I have surpassed.

Well child care is defined as “health care services provided to a healthy child or newborn” (Google Define).  Now, I am extremely fortunate to have a very healthy child.  Well child care visits are the routine visits that an infant or child makes to insure proper health (and to get vaccines).  As any parent knows, the first year of a child’s life is essentially trips to the doctor’s office, as either well child or no.  Now, some insurance carriers can choose to forgo well child care completely, cap it, or cover it. If you are part of the fortunate group of the latter, bless you.

This brings me to my point.  Why is well child care not covered or partially covered by insurance carriers? 

First, vaccines are a necessity of modern life.  Many died in order for science to create vaccines which save lives.  If people in times past had the option of a shot with possible side effects versus a hard death at the hands of smallpox or mumps, many would take the vaccines.  As many countries currently do not have access to vaccines, this is a blessing that we can count on.  Even if you are on the side of no vaccines, at least you have a choice. Many don’t.

Secondly, in reality, what costs an insurance company more?  Paying for the shot or paying for the illness?  Realistically, the insurance company will also have to pay for the therapy I will need if something catastrophic happens to my kid. 

Thirdly, the insurance companies choose to pay for Viagra and JUST RECENTLY had to start paying for birth control.  It seems as though insurers want to play Russian Roulette with health conditions.  “We won’t pay for the pill and we will pay a percentage of an unplanned pregnancy.”  Ironic, maybe. Illogical, definitely.

With the current state of health care in America today, and the additional fears of epidemics, parents must be vigilant and become the best advocate for their child’s health care as they can. It is simply not safe to assume that anyone will be as involved as a parent is.

Ins and outs of a decade

2010 past decadeI was listening to the radio today and they were discussing the things that came and went this decade. Did a whole decade pass? It had me reflecting on my decade.

Immediately I went to the losses. I’ve recently lost a good friend. I’ve lost my parents, two babies and three grandparents. Then, I thought I’d counter thawith the positives for the sake of sanity.

I’ve gained a husband, two beautiful boys, worldwide traveling experience, a new languages, new friends and a beautiful home.
Let’s not forget technology! I’ve gone from email to video chats, palms to iPhones, Mac revolution, and blogging.

Wow a lot happens in a decade. What have you noticed in your decade?

Kindermusik app

  I am so excited. I’d been doing kindermusik with my son since he was a baby and he still loves it at 4. I’m excited that I can now get it on the go too. Here’s the message I got via email from Kindermusik.

Music and more to nurture young minds

Kindermusik is proud to introduce our new iPhone apps! We have recently partnered with Scrollmotion, Inc. and Iceberg Kids to revolutionize the children’s book experience, bringing the magic and wonder of reading to an exciting new digital space (the perfect answer to bedtime, long car rides or learning to read). To take a look at all of the iPhone apps offered by Kindermusik, just search for the word “kindermusik” on your iPhone and then download your favorite book.  Or  visit the Scrollmotion site. Our Kindermusik iPhone apps have been priced reasonably at just $.99/each!