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“You know Mom, everybody has a nest.”
Ryan, age 4 after riding quietly in the car for a few minutes.


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I’m for Saving the Planet, but Damn!

Poo Poo Paper
Image by randomcuriosity via Flickr

I admit, I’m not the “greenest” person. I try and recycle and leave a small footprint on this world that I’m leaving my sons. I try and by organic foods and biodegradable items and packaging.

I recently read an article on this great new paper made of elephant dung. I mean come on. It’s from the The Great Elephant Poo Poo Company Ltd. No shit.

Try getting your 13 year old daughter to use, let alone admit she’s using that paper in class. Not to mention the poor guy making the paper- please do a “Dirty Jobs” episode on that one.
Really miss sanitizer mom. You’re green, but are you going there? Maybe on the way you can pick up some of that Kopi Luwak coffee people have been reeling about. What, it’s not at Starbucks yet?? Someone notify Al Gore!

Apparently it makes great stationary. You know on second though, my Mother-in-law just mentioned that no one writes letters anymore. Maybe I’ll DROP her a line.

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Real Food for Mother and Baby: A Book Review

Here is an interesting book. It’s called, “Real Food for Mother and Baby.” It’s reviewed by Mom’s Crowd.

Here’s my take. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m interested to see the “newbie” and “breastfeeding” sections. I know it will be better for me, and being a former expat in Europe I miss the farmers markets. There’s nothing like fresh food straight from the farm. The experience of smelling the fresh vegetables, bread, cheese and flowers was wonderful. Meeting the farmers and learning about the area was a real plus. It’s a real community feeling.
The States are slowing coming around, but I’d love to see more markets year round. I would also like to see recommendations for those of us who are squeezed for time. Is there “real food” for people on the go?

Read Mom’s Crowd review here.

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How to Fight Jet Lag

Image by Marv! via Flickr

Great article from Independent Traveler.

I have put my kids to bed earlier or later depending on time zones. I also advise taking a walk outside and getting fresh air your first day there. If you need to nap, try to do that, but stay close to the destination’s schedule.

I also highly recommend staying hydrated. Drink water and juice. I suffer from migraines and jet lag is one thing that can set them off. You don’t want to have a headache with a jet-lagged baby. Remember the kiddos are suffering too, so be patient and take care of yourself so you can help the passenger next to you.

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