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Mom & Ryan
Mom & Ryan

My name is Jennifer Fleck. I’m a writer, educator, web designer, blogger, hybrid scrapper, former expat, President of a local Moms Club and Wife and Mom to two great boys, Ryan 4 and Dane born last year.

I have moved around the United States and abroad, so I have unlimited resources of information on toting your tots all over the world. From what to pack, what to do when you have a delayed flight or a flat, where to find kid-friendly places and how to deal with cultural snags like when there is a sign on the door welcoming dogs, but not strollers.

I lost my parents as I was becoming a mother and this in itself has lead me to reflect and reevaluate my “mommy-hood” ever since.

Moms in this era are different. We do not, for the most part, have the traditional mothering circle to help us on this trek through motherhood. We don’t always live in our hometowns. Many of us live in transient towns where people relocate frequently. Our mothers, sisters and aunts who would have lived down the street or across town are now across country or continents. We have had to create our own communities of newly found friends and neighbors, be it in our new towns or online at blogs and message boards.

On the internet, you can relate with a mom that tries to calm a colicky baby at 3 a.m., vent and laugh about the flu that had us all shooting in both buckets and hear tidbits on life straight from a child’s mouth.

You can see what new events are in your area so that you and your kids can get out of the house  before you say something like “Mother Trekker!” or “What the French Toast!”- oh, and cheaply too.

You can see the reviews on the newest baby sling,  how to care for a toddler when your newborn is sick or to just be encouraged.

Many moms out there are working at home, getting into digital photography, paying bills online, tracking their household expenses with software and getting smart phones like the iphone or blackberry to keep up with scheduled activities.

I’ll add reviews and links to the hottest tech trends right now in a simple, ‘moms can use this too’ way.

I’d like parents to come to this blog knowing that they can find anything they are searching for. We are all on this motherhood journey together and I would like the blog to portait that. This blog will be the place where you can be as comfortable as you would be with your own girlfriends.

We’ll trek through motherhood together here.  There will be anything I find interesting posted, so we can “discuss amongst ourselves.”  You can read a real mom story you can relate to, get a review of a product from a mom who’s been there, and get ideas on how to make your lives easier and make the relationship with your family that much richer is my goal.

Contact me anytime at WebDiva77@gmail.com

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