Add a little flirty flair to your style

Looking to update your wardrobe? Maybe add a little flair when you go out to run errands, are at work or just out with friends?
I found something I really like. As a mom, I’m always trying to just dress up a little, add a sexy hourglass shape and hide flaws.
Chic Star has an amazing shirt that can really make your night out. It’s called the Flounce Ruched Ruffle Belt Shirt.
It can dress up a pair of jeans or be worn at work. This really appeals to my mom friends who are trying to add a little sexy flair to their wardrobe and hide flaws. Even better, it’s in plus-size which gives added comfort so you can show off curves without squeezing into a top that’s too tight. The wrap around design lets me adjust the fit so that it’s comfortable. I love the fact that it is a v-neck style that lets me accentuate my positive assets. 🙂
The shirt is great because it is not too hot, but adds style with light comfort.
Black Plus-Size Flounce Ruched Ruffle Belt Shirt
I’m really liking Chic Star’s designs. It’s not expesive, and adds a edgy, punk or vintage 40-50’s flair to your wardrobe.
Why not look posh when you drop the kids off this week or get compliments when you’re at work or just picking up coffee.
I can’t imagine a better pick me up.

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