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It’s that time of year- suicide season

The holiday season is not filled with holiday cheer for all people. Statistically people commit suicide during this time of year more than any other season. Holiday stress, competitive pressure, family issues and even seasonal depression due to lack of…

Christmas Miracle

I heard on the news that there was a family that had a miracle this Christmas season. A mother went into labor and had a heart attack and died during delivery. The doctors did an emergency c-section, but the baby was also not breathing. The father sat there helplessly while his family lay before him.

iphone app- Pilates for Pregnancy

This not only gives modified Pilates exercises for every trimester of your pregnancy but it is also a complete pregnancy planner. It includes checklists for a healthy pregnancy, notes pages with questions to help you keep track of everything going on during this exciting time as well as a pregnancy photo album!