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Mama – The ultimate girl scout

Image by Porcelaingirl° {misscanigotothetoilet?} via Flickr Summer is rolling around and people are beginning  to plan trips. I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about moms always having to be the prepared ones. As someone stated, “Why is it that…

Some plane advice for Your Laptop

Taking your laptop abroad can be a risk with the possibility of it getting lost, stolen or damaged. Frequent business travellers will experience this regularly and may be more prepared for successfully getting their laptop abroad safely. …

Mamapedia – Wisdom of Moms

Mamapedia™ is…

* For mothers with kids of all ages
* Questions by moms, answered by moms who’ve been there
* Over a million answers on everything from Acne to Zoos
* Easily searchable and browsable
* Updated daily
* 100% free

7 Ways to Make Car Travel Easier

This is not always comfortable or enjoyable to ride in a vehicle for long periods of time, no matter what your agenda is. Do you have business dealings or a title favorite for the holidays; here are some tips to make the trip a little easier.

Peculiar Percentiles

What’s with the percentages that pediatricians give? Doesn’t this seem off? It’s a common discussion in the Fleck house. Isn’t percent supposed to mean out of 100%??