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Beaba Bib’expreso on sale at

I saw this neat product and wish I had this when I was bottle feeding.

It’s onsale right now at
but only until 8/2/11!


With the Bib'expresso you can prepare a bottle in a few seconds, with just one hand, and be certain it’s at the perfect temperature for your baby. The Bib'expresso's unique water flow mixes powdered formula quickly, reducing air bubbles and eliminating hot spots. It comes with a compact, removable bottle and food warmer that can be used to heat food jars and prepared bottles of breast milk and formula. The bottle storage compartment located on the back doubles as a microwavable bottle sterilizer, and holds up to three 10-ounce (300 ml) bottles.


Ins and outs of a decade

2010 past decadeI was listening to the radio today and they were discussing the things that came and went this decade. Did a whole decade pass? It had me reflecting on my decade.

Immediately I went to the losses. I’ve recently lost a good friend. I’ve lost my parents, two babies and three grandparents. Then, I thought I’d counter thawith the positives for the sake of sanity.

I’ve gained a husband, two beautiful boys, worldwide traveling experience, a new languages, new friends and a beautiful home.
Let’s not forget technology! I’ve gone from email to video chats, palms to iPhones, Mac revolution, and blogging.

Wow a lot happens in a decade. What have you noticed in your decade?


Kindermusik app

  I am so excited. I’d been doing kindermusik with my son since he was a baby and he still loves it at 4. I’m excited that I can now get it on the go too. Here’s the message I got via email from Kindermusik.

Music and more to nurture young minds

Kindermusik is proud to introduce our new iPhone apps! We have recently partnered with Scrollmotion, Inc. and Iceberg Kids to revolutionize the children’s book experience, bringing the magic and wonder of reading to an exciting new digital space (the perfect answer to bedtime, long car rides or learning to read). To take a look at all of the iPhone apps offered by Kindermusik, just search for the word “kindermusik” on your iPhone and then download your favorite book.  Or  visit the Scrollmotion site. Our Kindermusik iPhone apps have been priced reasonably at just $.99/each!



Baby's Facebook Baby Book

Late Night Chatting
Image by slolee via Flickr

by Lela Demeter

Tonight my son sleeps for the first time in his big boy bed.  Obviously pictures were taken, grandma was called, and parents looked at each other in dismay as this evening shuffled in a brave new world in bedtime parenting.  And finally, as my son slept, I updated my status in Facebook -

“My toddler is officially without borders. The crib is now a toddler bed. I will be making the sweep of his room in an hour to see where he finally curled up to go to sleep. Hopefully it will be in his bed.”

I used to be the person who hoped that when I had children I would sagely inscribe every moment, every milestone in a beautiful album that my son would lovingly reflect on when he is in his elder years, after his father and I are gone.  I thought I would be the mom like my mom is – who saved seemingly every shred of paper, every picture and most of the trophies from my childhood, even after a house fire gutted the family home (everything save my ACT scores and the diary I kept when I met my husband).  My mom has saved my wedding invitations and my son’s baby announcements.  I assumed, just like with most parenting things, I would be just like my mom.

But, my mom also didn’t get to have a personal trainer standing ready at all hours in her living room (my Nintendo Wii and EA Sports) and she didn’t have an iPod to play symphonic rock songs to her infant either. And she definitely didn’t have Facebook.

Now Facebook has come under fire from the public, mostly in regards to privacy.  But, as a mom I have found it invaluable.  I joined when my son was six months old.  And while I suffered from a short addition to Farmville and Mafia Wars, I found solace in the company that social networking brings.  The irony of feeling like part of a community while sitting alone at a computer is apparent.

The reality of my Facebook experience is that whenever my darling boy ever had an issue, whether it be teething or sneezing or any other interesting malady I felt too ashamed to call my pediatrician with (I didn’t want to be THAT mom) I would post it on Facebook.  Nothing too TMI, but just something like, “Where do I go for cheap family pictures?” or “What can I give him for a stuffy nose?” and within seconds my knowledge base, comprised of high school friends, work friends, and extended family would chime in with support and good advice.

Sharing my son’s life is also easier with Facebook.  To date I have 20 albums and three videos posted.  I try to keep the albums short and try not to put anything way too weird or personal in them, and I do exclude people who are friends but may not be interested in my little darling’s attempt to turn off the kitchen lights.  But, to be able to share photos and videos with everyone all at once makes my son’s life something I can share with more people than just a few Polaroids at Christmas can do.

I try to keep up with his baby book. I really do.  But maybe one day, my son will post a video of me with my grandkids and my far flung friends can be a part of their lives too.

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Alphabet ABC Applications for Kids

Are you looking for an application (app) to help your kids learn to read? Ah, educational and distracting. Here’s my favorites apps that have the ABCs. Oh and P.S. it’s on the cheap!

It’s also a great use for those in ESL (English as a Second Language).

abcABC PocketPhonetics-Lite: letters, sounds & writing
(Apps in My Pocket Ltd.)

Great ‘first’ look at Phonics for kids. Uses three modes of teaching manipulation: sight, sound and writing (tactile).

This is really helping my son develop the relationship between sounds letters make and the words they make up.

abctracerABC Tracer Lite Free – Alphabet Flashcard tracing phonics and drawing

Great fine-motor skill practice. Kids get to trace letters. Has the alphabet, numbers and words.

ABC’s Free

My boys love the fact that it sings the alphabet and /or letters by pressing the arrow buttons on the botton of the app. They get to control the rhythm.

Baby Flash Cards
(Dream Cortex)

Helps kids learn vocabulary and practice memorization.

ICDL Books for Children
(ICDL Foundation)

- Old school books for your iPhone. Not a lot of stories, but it’s free.

Parents Magazine iPlay ‘n Learn
( by Resolute Digital)

Letters, numbers, colors and shapes all in one!
It is broken down into three ways to play and learn: flash cards, tracing practice and quizzes.

Sight Words Free

-It shows and speaks the words.

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CNet used a quote from MotherTrekker

I’m excited that CNet used a quote from an article on MotherTrekker about the WDW Guide Application! Woo hoo!
They used my name and didn’t reference Mother Trekker, but I’m still pleased.
Take a look

Share Announces Full Commercial Launch of Mobile Application That Reduces the Dangers of “Texting While Driving”

texting while driving
Image by stevendamron via Flickr Announces Full Commercial Launch of Mobile Application That Reduces the Dangers of “Texting While Driving”

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iPhone vs. Smartphone

Just thought this was funny and thought I’d pass it on.


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iphone app- Pilates for Pregnancy

mother and son practice pilates for pregnancy ...
Image by sean dreilinger via Flickr

For my baby-bumped friends:

New study shows benefits of Pilates for Pregnancy exercise app

Bethesda, MD – Pilates for Pregnancy exercise app shows benefits in the birth weight of newborns. In the October issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Norwegian researchers found that the odds of delivering a too big baby dropped as much as 28% in women who exercised regularly. A heavier birth weight poses risks to both the baby and the mother. If a baby weighs more than 8.8 lbs, the risks run from delivery problems, c-sections, postpartum hemorrage and low apgar scores all increase. Larger babies also have an increased risk of obesity later in life according to the researchers.

The Pilates for Pregnancy exercise iphone app is based on the top ratedPrenatal Pilates DVDand the “Pilates and Pregnancy Workbook”. This not only gives modified Pilates exercises for every trimester of your pregnancy but it is also a complete pregnancy planner. It includes checklists for a healthy pregnancy, notes pages with questions to help you keep track of everything going on during this exciting time as well as a pregnancy photo album! Store your sonogram pictures as well as pictures of your growing belly and anything else related to your pregnancy as you create your own digital photo album.

“Prenatal Pilates is the #1 pregnancy exercise video” Real Simple Magazine.

“… a godsend for the expectant mother …”- Drs. Powers and BerginOB/GYNs.

“Exercise should be encouraged for everyone who’s healthy enough to do it. Exercise shouldn’t be discontinued because you are pregnant … women who exercise are less likely to have preterm deliveries” – Dr. Steven Allen, chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at Scott & White Healthcare in Temple, Texas.

This application features a multitude of pregnancy exercises based on the users time constraints or individual body part that they wish to focus on. The pregnant user can workout safely in 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. These applications are broken into three different trimesters to adapt to the changing needs of each trimester during pregnancy. Clear descriptions of the workouts and the benefits of each exercise are included.

ThePilates for Pregnancy exercise appallows you to:
* Exercise based on the needs of each trimester
* Get timed workouts to fit your schedule or energy level
* Choose a particular body part to focus on
* Take pregnancy notes
* Store pregnancy pictures
* Look up a To-Do list for each trimester

Minimum Requirements:
iPhone or 2nd Generation iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Start your healthy pregnancy with a limited time sale price of $1.99 (USD) for the Pilates for Pregnancy First Trimester App normally priced at $4.99. Available on the App Store in the Healthcare and Fitness category.

Pilates for Pregnancy
Purchase and Download
YouTube Video

Dramatic Applications produces iPhone applications that are innovative, informative and educational. Our designs are user friendly and captivating as they bring information to this exciting new platform. Our creative team is comprised of award-winning multimedia producers, writers, graphic designers and a technical team of highly experienced programmers. Current projects in development are in the industries of fitness, education, sports, entertainment and the dramatic arts. We have had over 15 years experience in video production and have won numerous awards in the areas of health and education. Copyright (C) 2009 Dramatic Applications. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0 for iPhone

The best part about this is that you can have Mommy’s voice respond when the baby cries!!! Check it out!!

Praha, Czech Republic – Sarsoft today is pleased to announce the launch of its new product – Baby Monitor & Alarm for iPhone. “We are continuing with the development of innovative applications for the iPhone, and Baby Monitor & Alarm is another ingenious invention”, says Jindrich Sarson, director of Sarsoft. Baby Monitor & Alarm brings new and innovative functions to Baby Monitor applications.

Every Baby Monitor product can monitor children who sleep in their bedroom and their parents are notified immediately if there is any noise in the children’s room. But Baby Monitor & Alarm for iPhone goes even further. One of our unique features is “Mum’s voice”.

babymonitor“Everybody knows, that mum’s voice is very soothing and comforting to a child”, says Sarson. Therefore Sarsoft implemented functionality to record any voice (it doesn’t matter if it’s mum’s voice or your child’s favorite song), and this voice can be replayed to your child when he/she starts crying. This has proven to be very effective.

“We have feedback from our users performing beta-testing. According to our users, it works perfectly, and in some cases, the child even goes back to sleep”, adds Sarson, who is also a father of 2 young children. This functionality is optional and it depends oon parents, if they want to use it.

Another functionality that got approval from its users is the application’s ability to record your child’s voice. The application simply records all voice activity in the child’s room. It doesn’t matter, if the application is set to alarm or if it’s only in monitoring mode. By using this function, parents can easily check, if their child has coughs or if they have bad dreams. All activity is displayed in the Activity log found in the application. This makes it possible for the parents to check their child’s sleeping patterns. They just need to compare the Activity log for several days.

Supported languages:
* U.S. English, German and Czech

Minimum Requirements:
iPhone 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0 for iPhone is only $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0
Purchase and Download

Sarsoft company is startup softwarehouse focused on iPhone applications development. Copyright 2009 Sarsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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