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“I’ve been good all damn day.”
Ryan, age 4 after telling him he could have something if he was good.


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Kindermusik app

  I am so excited. I’d been doing kindermusik with my son since he was a baby and he still loves it at 4. I’m excited that I can now get it on the go too. Here’s the message I got via email from Kindermusik.

Music and more to nurture young minds

Kindermusik is proud to introduce our new iPhone apps! We have recently partnered with Scrollmotion, Inc. and Iceberg Kids to revolutionize the children’s book experience, bringing the magic and wonder of reading to an exciting new digital space (the perfect answer to bedtime, long car rides or learning to read). To take a look at all of the iPhone apps offered by Kindermusik, just search for the word “kindermusik” on your iPhone and then download your favorite book.  Or  visit the Scrollmotion site. Our Kindermusik iPhone apps have been priced reasonably at just $.99/each!



Alphabet ABC Applications for Kids

Are you looking for an application (app) to help your kids learn to read? Ah, educational and distracting. Here’s my favorites apps that have the ABCs. Oh and P.S. it’s on the cheap!

It’s also a great use for those in ESL (English as a Second Language).

abcABC PocketPhonetics-Lite: letters, sounds & writing
(Apps in My Pocket Ltd.)

Great ‘first’ look at Phonics for kids. Uses three modes of teaching manipulation: sight, sound and writing (tactile).

This is really helping my son develop the relationship between sounds letters make and the words they make up.

abctracerABC Tracer Lite Free – Alphabet Flashcard tracing phonics and drawing

Great fine-motor skill practice. Kids get to trace letters. Has the alphabet, numbers and words.

ABC’s Free

My boys love the fact that it sings the alphabet and /or letters by pressing the arrow buttons on the botton of the app. They get to control the rhythm.

Baby Flash Cards
(Dream Cortex)

Helps kids learn vocabulary and practice memorization.

ICDL Books for Children
(ICDL Foundation)

- Old school books for your iPhone. Not a lot of stories, but it’s free.

Parents Magazine iPlay ‘n Learn
( by Resolute Digital)

Letters, numbers, colors and shapes all in one!
It is broken down into three ways to play and learn: flash cards, tracing practice and quizzes.

Sight Words Free

-It shows and speaks the words.

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Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0 for iPhone

The best part about this is that you can have Mommy’s voice respond when the baby cries!!! Check it out!!

Praha, Czech Republic – Sarsoft today is pleased to announce the launch of its new product – Baby Monitor & Alarm for iPhone. “We are continuing with the development of innovative applications for the iPhone, and Baby Monitor & Alarm is another ingenious invention”, says Jindrich Sarson, director of Sarsoft. Baby Monitor & Alarm brings new and innovative functions to Baby Monitor applications.

Every Baby Monitor product can monitor children who sleep in their bedroom and their parents are notified immediately if there is any noise in the children’s room. But Baby Monitor & Alarm for iPhone goes even further. One of our unique features is “Mum’s voice”.

babymonitor“Everybody knows, that mum’s voice is very soothing and comforting to a child”, says Sarson. Therefore Sarsoft implemented functionality to record any voice (it doesn’t matter if it’s mum’s voice or your child’s favorite song), and this voice can be replayed to your child when he/she starts crying. This has proven to be very effective.

“We have feedback from our users performing beta-testing. According to our users, it works perfectly, and in some cases, the child even goes back to sleep”, adds Sarson, who is also a father of 2 young children. This functionality is optional and it depends oon parents, if they want to use it.

Another functionality that got approval from its users is the application’s ability to record your child’s voice. The application simply records all voice activity in the child’s room. It doesn’t matter, if the application is set to alarm or if it’s only in monitoring mode. By using this function, parents can easily check, if their child has coughs or if they have bad dreams. All activity is displayed in the Activity log found in the application. This makes it possible for the parents to check their child’s sleeping patterns. They just need to compare the Activity log for several days.

Supported languages:
* U.S. English, German and Czech

Minimum Requirements:
iPhone 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0 for iPhone is only $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0
Purchase and Download

Sarsoft company is startup softwarehouse focused on iPhone applications development. Copyright 2009 Sarsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

Pūpūkea, Hawaii
Image via Wikipedia

Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

It’s hot, you have baby gear to tote, but you need a day at the beach nonetheless. How long until naptime? What to bring for lunch that won’t spoil? Will the kids be entertained and safe? How do I keep the baby from eating sand?

I liked this article since I’ve been living near the beach, I’ve been adjusting my beach plan since I’ve had kids.

What do you bring, do and live without when you take kids to the beach? Please leave a comment and let us know.

travel accessories, luggage tags, tsa locks, security belts, converters


Feeding Moses – A Modern Wet Nurses’ Tale

feeding-mosesI recently spotted this short article in the back pages of people magazine while nursing my son and waiting for prescriptions at Walgreens.
I am nursing successfully for the first time with my second son, so this article peeked my interest.
The article portraits a modern wet nurse scenario of sorts.
Robbie Goodrich is a history professor at Northern Michigan University and his wife Susan already had a beautiful 2 year old little girl and were excited about the birth of their first son.  Just 11 hours after Moses was born, Susan died of a rare amniotic fluid embolism. Susan wanted to nurse her second child to his first birthday just as she had with her first baby. A nurse helped Robbie order $500 of pumped milk from a local milk bank to help him out.  A good friend of the family called Robbie and offered to nurse Moses for him and Robbie accepted. Within a week, 20 some other mothers from around the area, organized by another close friend of the family at church, all donated their time, their bodies and their milk to make Susan’s wishes a reality…even after death.
I was amazed to see that so many women were willing to give up time in their day, when already nursing their own child to help this family.
It made me realize and contemplate a lot of things. Maybe on my worst day, I don’t have it so rough. What will the relationship between Moses and his nursing ‘mothers’ be after he weans? How will this experience affect the nursing moms and Robbie? It’s amazing what love and motherhood can do.
I hope to gain interviews and answer the questions above in my blog

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Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Biodegradable baby wipes that don’t suck. Really.

While I’m greening up my act in many ways, I’m still pretty picky where it comes to baby wipes–it’s not totally unreasonable that I don’t want to cut corners with the one thing that’s keeping me from getting poop all over my hands.

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Travel Activity Kit

Travel Activity Kit

$16.95 on
Are you setting off for your own rendition of Planes, Trains and Automobiles? Snag this handy travel pack to save the day! Including a book with 52 travel games, 6 markers, 10 postcards for when you’re on the go, a ruler, and 48 stickers that’ll give you a little R and R on your vacay!

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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PsychoBaby Website

I found this site that has retro cool baby and kid stuff.


Here are some of my favorites:


pacifier_chain_teddyPacifier Chain. It’s made of wood, has a hidden clip under the button and can be used with multiple pacifiers. I am also a fan of these toys that have clips on both sides. This feature lets you attach it above and across anthing from a stroller, carseat, blanket or anything. Definately one of my favorite travel accessories also.

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