Feeding Moses – A Modern Wet Nurses’ Tale

feeding-mosesI recently spotted this short article in the back pages of people magazine while nursing my son and waiting for prescriptions at Walgreens.
I am nursing successfully for the first time with my second son, so this article peeked my interest.
The article portraits a modern wet nurse scenario of sorts.
Robbie Goodrich is a history professor at Northern Michigan University and his wife Susan already had a beautiful 2 year old little girl and were excited about the birth of their first son.  Just 11 hours after Moses was born, Susan died of a rare amniotic fluid embolism. Susan wanted to nurse her second child to his first birthday just as she had with her first baby. A nurse helped Robbie order $500 of pumped milk from a local milk bank to help him out.  A good friend of the family called Robbie and offered to nurse Moses for him and Robbie accepted. Within a week, 20 some other mothers from around the area, organized by another close friend of the family at church, all donated their time, their bodies and their milk to make Susan’s wishes a reality…even after death.
I was amazed to see that so many women were willing to give up time in their day, when already nursing their own child to help this family.
It made me realize and contemplate a lot of things. Maybe on my worst day, I don’t have it so rough. What will the relationship between Moses and his nursing ‘mothers’ be after he weans? How will this experience affect the nursing moms and Robbie? It’s amazing what love and motherhood can do.
I hope to gain interviews and answer the questions above in my blog www.MotherTrekker.com

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