Gedgers release major update to Kids Allowance and Rewards

iphone app to help keep track of your kids good behavior & allowance?

Harrogate, UK – Gedgers Ltd today announced a major update for the popular Kids Allowance and Rewards 1.4 for iPhone and iPod touch. This update includes a complete re-write of the user interface, new and improved features. Kids Allowance and Rewards is the only application that combines allowance tracking with a rewards system for good behavior. This makes it a versatile and unique application as well as adding extra appeal for motivating and educating your kids.


* New User Interface
* New Auto approval of scheduled activities
* New Transaction Archive
* New Account Switch
* New context based action buttons
* Improved help
* Major bug and performance fixes.

The application can be used to automatically track how much money you owe your kid(s) for things like pocket money allowances, chores or any other money related activity. You are also able to automatically track and encourage good behaviour by awarding your kid(s) rewards.

With Kids Allowance and Rewards you can:

* Automatically schedule and track how much money you owe your kid(s) for things like pocket money, allowance, chores, tasks or any other money related activity.
* Automatically schedule, track and encourage good behaviour by awarding your kid(s) reward points.
* Manually pay in or pay out cash amounts to your kids accounts.
* Give or redeem adhoc reward points to your kids accounts.
* Create multiple kids accounts and provide them with a starting balance.
* View a summary of what you owe each account (Or what they owe you), and how many reward points they have received in the current week and overall.
* Schedule money or reward related activities such as allowances, clothes allowance, car cleaning chores, brushing teeth rewards or any other freeform activity. Just specify if it earns money or reward points, and how much.
* View transaction history.
* View transaction statuses as pending, approved, not approved and deleted.
* Approval process for scheduled activities.
For fun – shake the iphone for each saver to hear the jingle of money saved to date – or a “wah-wah” sound if not. Simple but effective!
* International currencies.

Pricing and Availability:
Kids Allowance and Rewards is $0.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. Promo codes available upon request.

Kids Allowance and Rewards 1.4
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