How My Breasts Saved the World

I have to give up nursing. It’s more of a habit for the two of us now than it is about nutrition. I have become sicker than ever and I have tried taking all meds that you can with breastfeeding. I hope to get some sleep tonight without this dreaded cough. The new meds I have can’t be taken if you’re nursing. So here we go on another adventure.

I have tried for months to get my kid to take a bottle and sippy cup, but by accident he started taking a straw. I offered it to the wrong kid and lo and behold he drank it. Surprise, life is a box of chocolates.

Looking back over my nursing adventure, I went from:
I’m not doing that,
to I’m doing it!
to this is convenient
to this is not convenient
to this is a wonderful bonding experience
to I can’t believe you’re growing so fast.

I heard about this book as I was googling weaning.
It’s called How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mother, by Lisa Wood Shapiro.
I wonder how this woman’s experience is similar to my own.

Uh, off to tuck him in again, don’t give in, don’t give in, don’t give in….

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