How Not to Talk to Your Kids -The inverse power of praise.

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I’m recommending that you read Po Bronson’s article from New York Magazine.

The Power and Peril of Praising Your Kids
New York Magazine – Po Bronson

As a former educator, I was also appalled by the overuse of praise in an effort to uplift student’s self-esteem. I didn’t want to use purple pens when correcting, because a wrong answer is wrong, no matter what the color. I did want to encourage my students to learn from their mistakes and not be chastised.
As a parent, I’ve shamelessly fallen into this trap. My kid is what I would consider, “spoiled”. I have rewarded and bribed him to do what I ask or rewarded him for the right answer, but not the effort taken into getting the problem solved. Good article to help remind us all that there needs to be a balance and praise placed appropriately. The goal of school is not to only get an A+ but to learn to LEARN.

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1 comment for “How Not to Talk to Your Kids -The inverse power of praise.

  1. Catherine
    July 24, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    I completely agree. I read a blog earlier today that said to not correct a kid when he is wrong. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I just do not understand that at all.

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