I’m not taking a nap!

IMG_4053Mommyblogging has turned me semi-nocturnal and my need for naps with two boys is primal. I’ve tried to get my 4 year old to regain his afternoon sleepiness. This has led to multiple negotiations: If you stay quietly in your room for an hour…., If you sit next to mommy’s bed and read…., If you don’t help me, so help me God….

We decided that he’d try and nap for an hour and we’d see how it goes. This day he stayed defiant that he wasn’t taking a nap. I thought he was reading and playing with his toys. He was quiet on the monitor.

After an hour the baby and I awoke from our midafternoon slumber. We went to wake the 4 year old and there he was, asleep on his bed with his backpack on.

I asked him why he had a backpack on and he said he was going to run away because he didn’t want to take a nap. Only, he got tired when he got his blanket and fell asleep. IMG_4054
I told him, of course that I’d miss him terribly if he left. (Note to self sleep with the burglar alarm on!) He then had to show me every toy he had packed in his backpack. It’s a good thing we weren’t going on a trip.

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