My Child, The Logistical Nightmare

Ive been consumed by the strategy of packing for our annual Christmas trip home. It’s a 3 hour flight, so shorter than the 8+ flight I used to have before our recent move to the States, but still. With a 4 year old with a short attention span with immediate gratification syndrome and a one year old that’s moving like a tiny ADHD drunk, it’ll be one Hell of a ballet. Even with my husband on this journey to help carry the safety gear required nowadays to keep our boys safe and healthy,it’s enough to hibernate under the duvet for the winter. But alas, the thought of the joy on my children and their grandparent’s faces as they share the traditions of the season, the sparkle of new fallen snow and the laughter of friends keep me motivated.
The packing begins.
See how I suggest you travel with your tots this season.

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