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Late Night Chatting
Image by slolee via Flickr

by Lela Demeter

Tonight my son sleeps for the first time in his big boy bed.  Obviously pictures were taken, grandma was called, and parents looked at each other in dismay as this evening shuffled in a brave new world in bedtime parenting.  And finally, as my son slept, I updated my status in Facebook –

“My toddler is officially without borders. The crib is now a toddler bed. I will be making the sweep of his room in an hour to see where he finally curled up to go to sleep. Hopefully it will be in his bed.”

I used to be the person who hoped that when I had children I would sagely inscribe every moment, every milestone in a beautiful album that my son would lovingly reflect on when he is in his elder years, after his father and I are gone.  I thought I would be the mom like my mom is – who saved seemingly every shred of paper, every picture and most of the trophies from my childhood, even after a house fire gutted the family home (everything save my ACT scores and the diary I kept when I met my husband).  My mom has saved my wedding invitations and my son’s baby announcements.  I assumed, just like with most parenting things, I would be just like my mom.

But, my mom also didn’t get to have a personal trainer standing ready at all hours in her living room (my Nintendo Wii and EA Sports) and she didn’t have an iPod to play symphonic rock songs to her infant either. And she definitely didn’t have Facebook.

Now Facebook has come under fire from the public, mostly in regards to privacy.  But, as a mom I have found it invaluable.  I joined when my son was six months old.  And while I suffered from a short addition to Farmville and Mafia Wars, I found solace in the company that social networking brings.  The irony of feeling like part of a community while sitting alone at a computer is apparent.

The reality of my Facebook experience is that whenever my darling boy ever had an issue, whether it be teething or sneezing or any other interesting malady I felt too ashamed to call my pediatrician with (I didn’t want to be THAT mom) I would post it on Facebook.  Nothing too TMI, but just something like, “Where do I go for cheap family pictures?” or “What can I give him for a stuffy nose?” and within seconds my knowledge base, comprised of high school friends, work friends, and extended family would chime in with support and good advice.

Sharing my son’s life is also easier with Facebook.  To date I have 20 albums and three videos posted.  I try to keep the albums short and try not to put anything way too weird or personal in them, and I do exclude people who are friends but may not be interested in my little darling’s attempt to turn off the kitchen lights.  But, to be able to share photos and videos with everyone all at once makes my son’s life something I can share with more people than just a few Polaroids at Christmas can do.

I try to keep up with his baby book. I really do.  But maybe one day, my son will post a video of me with my grandkids and my far flung friends can be a part of their lives too.

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A love letter to my husband

love note
Image by p-duke via Flickr

by Lela Demeter

Dear Husband,

When we first got pregnant, I never realized that having your baby would be like setting off a nuclear explosion in our marriage.  First, we were two.  And it was awesome.  You were my best friend and everything else in between.  We liked the same music and movies and you always could get me to laugh.  We got along so well, we figured ‘why be with anybody else?’  So we got married.  We both wanted children so we figured, ‘hey we could do this.’  So then when we became three that is when life really got started.  Us became a team.

Having our son made me Superwoman.  But you are the wind underneath my cape.  Here’s why:

1) Now, I work outside the home and its because of you that I can go to work – you are taking care of getting baby to daycare.

2) Maybe you don’t see it, but when you play with the baby for five minutes so I can go to the bathroom or wash the dishes, that is priceless.

3) When I was on maternity leave, I took the midnight feedings, but when you get up in the middle of the night because I am going to work, that makes me feel like a million bucks.

4) Our son looks like you.  He smiles like you.  I love looking at the blueprint for what kind of man my boy will become.

5) You witnessed the miracle of childbirth from an angle I didn’t see.  And you still hook up with me!!

6) You are the only other person on the earth who probably has the same amount of love for our baby as I do.  And you think that when I talk about him, its really interesting.

7) You don’t care that I am wearing two day old sweats, haven’t combed my hair or even brushed my teeth on the weekend, because you haven’t either.

8) I could put the carseats in the car, but thank you for doing a good job of it.

9) I am glad we worked out our parenting strategy early.  You are the bad cop and I will be the worse cop.

10) You are the kind of dad that I am proud to brag about to my friends.

I love you.  Let’s do this kid thing again sometime.


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Apps that help kids learn to read

Are you looking for an application (app) to help your kids learn to read? Ah, educational and distracting. Here’s my favorites apps that have the ABCs. Oh and P.S. it’s on the cheap!

It’s also a great use for those in ESL (English as a Second Language).

abcABC PocketPhonetics-Lite: letters, sounds & writing
(Apps in My Pocket Ltd.)

Great ‘first’ look at Phonics for kids. Uses three modes of teaching manipulation: sight, sound and writing (tactile).

This is really helping my son develop the relationship between sounds letters make and the words they make up.

abctracerABC Tracer Lite Free – Alphabet Flashcard tracing phonics and drawing

Great fine-motor skill practice. Kids get to trace letters. Has the alphabet, numbers and words.

ABC’s Free

My boys love the fact that it sings the alphabet and /or letters by pressing the arrow buttons on the botton of the app. They get to control the rhythm.

Baby Flash Cards
(Dream Cortex)

Helps kids learn vocabulary and practice memorization.

ICDL Books for Children
(ICDL Foundation)

– Old school books for your iPhone. Not a lot of stories, but it’s free.

Parents Magazine iPlay ‘n Learn
( by Resolute Digital)

Letters, numbers, colors and shapes all in one!
It is broken down into three ways to play and learn: flash cards, tracing practice and quizzes.

Sight Words Free

-It shows and speaks the words.

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Add a little flirty flair to your style

Looking to update your wardrobe? Maybe add a little flair when you go out to run errands, are at work or just out with friends?
I found something I really like. As a mom, I’m always trying to just dress up a little, add a sexy hourglass shape and hide flaws.
Chic Star has an amazing shirt that can really make your night out. It’s called the Flounce Ruched Ruffle Belt Shirt.
It can dress up a pair of jeans or be worn at work. This really appeals to my mom friends who are trying to add a little sexy flair to their wardrobe and hide flaws. Even better, it’s in plus-size which gives added comfort so you can show off curves without squeezing into a top that’s too tight. The wrap around design lets me adjust the fit so that it’s comfortable. I love the fact that it is a v-neck style that lets me accentuate my positive assets. 🙂
The shirt is great because it is not too hot, but adds style with light comfort.
Black Plus-Size Flounce Ruched Ruffle Belt Shirt
I’m really liking Chic Star’s designs. It’s not expesive, and adds a edgy, punk or vintage 40-50’s flair to your wardrobe.
Why not look posh when you drop the kids off this week or get compliments when you’re at work or just picking up coffee.
I can’t imagine a better pick me up.

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How My Breasts Saved the World

I have to give up nursing. It’s more of a habit for the two of us now than it is about nutrition. I have become sicker than ever and I have tried taking all meds that you can with breastfeeding. I hope to get some sleep tonight without this dreaded cough. The new meds I have can’t be taken if you’re nursing. So here we go on another adventure.

I have tried for months to get my kid to take a bottle and sippy cup, but by accident he started taking a straw. I offered it to the wrong kid and lo and behold he drank it. Surprise, life is a box of chocolates.

Looking back over my nursing adventure, I went from:
I’m not doing that,
to I’m doing it!
to this is convenient
to this is not convenient
to this is a wonderful bonding experience
to I can’t believe you’re growing so fast.

I heard about this book as I was googling weaning.
It’s called How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mother, by Lisa Wood Shapiro.
I wonder how this woman’s experience is similar to my own.

Uh, off to tuck him in again, don’t give in, don’t give in, don’t give in….

It’s that time of year- suicide season

The holiday season is not filled with holiday cheer for all people. Statistically people commit suicide during this time of year more than any other season. Holiday stress, competitive pressure, family issues and even seasonal depression due to lack of sun.
Over the holiday break a neighbor mom killed herself and left behind a teenager.
Moms, please reach out to each other. We can all put up a front that we are “supermoms”, but we are all human. Talk to each other, tell someone if you are having a hard time. Talk to a neighbor, friend, co-worker, another mom or counselor.
Please don’t do anything selfish. Your child loves you unconditionally and doesn’t deserve single day without you.