President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize? Is this Internet Baby Next?

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President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize? Is this Internet Baby Next?

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – October 9, 2009 – Earlier today it was announced that President Obama would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his global peace making efforts. The decision surprised many and left much to debate as critics felt that it was too soon in President Obama’s term to be awarded with such an honor. Whether one agrees with the selection or not, it does give inspiration that dreams can come true. With that inspiration, BabySpot, Inc., the Facebook for Babies (as dubbed by CNET), is launching its newest baby and Nobel Peace Prize hopeful with BabySpot Broward will bring together, peacefully, all parents and babies in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area. It follows the recent launches of,, and The site is a social networking and informational community for Broward County parents by Broward County parents. The site will provide reviews of doctors, hospitals, restaurants, products, and services specifically for parents of newborns. Members of BabySpot Broward will have free access to a number of features including photo and video sharing, group discussions, blog capabilities, and mobile uploads, however, they will now do so in a community that addresses their local needs and concerns.

James Rivera, CEO of BabySpot, Inc. states, “As a resident of South Florida and a father of two, my wife and I are always looking for the best local providers for our kids. BabySpot Broward will provide that information for parents throughout the greater Broward County area. We are excited to welcome to the BabySpot family a local Mom and social media expert, Jennifer Fleck, who will help provide relevant information to fellow parents”

Jennifer Fleck, Executive Director of BabySpot Broward, a Broward County resident and mom states, “As a local mom I know how hard it can be to find local resources for my child and family. My goal is to bring parents in Broward County together and share their reviews of family oriented services and events. We aim to showcase the hottest events, products, and services that Broward County has to offer. It will be an honor to serve our community!”

About BabySpot, Inc.

Founded in 2008 by James Rivera and Zameer Upadhya, BabySpot, Inc. provides social networking and informational sites for parents and their families in a free, safe and secure environment to connect and interact virtually to share baby’s precious moments as they grow. This is accomplished through,,,,, and With a safe and secure platform, parents can comfortably, and easily, share their profiles privately or publicly; upload pictures and videos, blog and chat live. While experiencing the joy of forming lasting connections and creating new memories, parents and their loved ones are exposed to rich educational content, various nonprofit organizations, fun contests, and local reviews and recommendations.

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