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How My Breasts Saved the World

I have to give up nursing. It’s more of a habit for the two of us now than it is about nutrition. I have become sicker than ever and I have tried taking all meds that you can with breastfeeding. I hope to get some sleep tonight without this dreaded cough. The new meds I have can’t be taken if you’re nursing. So here we go on another adventure.

I have tried for months to get my kid to take a bottle and sippy cup, but by accident he started taking a straw. I offered it to the wrong kid and lo and behold he drank it. Surprise, life is a box of chocolates.

Looking back over my nursing adventure, I went from:
I’m not doing that,
to I’m doing it!
to this is convenient
to this is not convenient
to this is a wonderful bonding experience
to I can’t believe you’re growing so fast.

I heard about this book as I was googling weaning.
It’s called How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mother, by Lisa Wood Shapiro.
I wonder how this woman’s experience is similar to my own.

Uh, off to tuck him in again, don’t give in, don’t give in, don’t give in….

Real Food for Mother and Baby: A Book Review

Here is an interesting book. It’s called, “Real Food for Mother and Baby.” It’s reviewed by Mom’s Crowd.

Here’s my take. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m interested to see the “newbie” and “breastfeeding” sections. I know it will be better for me, and being a former expat in Europe I miss the farmers markets. There’s nothing like fresh food straight from the farm. The experience of smelling the fresh vegetables, bread, cheese and flowers was wonderful. Meeting the farmers and learning about the area was a real plus. It’s a real community feeling.
The States are slowing coming around, but I’d love to see more markets year round. I would also like to see recommendations for those of us who are squeezed for time. Is there “real food” for people on the go?

Read Mom’s Crowd review here.

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