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All I Needed to Know about Life I learned in the first six months of Parenthood

six-month-old boy asleep in greataunt's arms
Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr
by Lela Demeter
As my child gets closer to the huge first birthday, I thought I would jot down some random thoughts that I have learned in the long, strange trip that is parenthood.
  1. Your kid does have a distinctive scream.
  2. Your own parents are crazy because they raised kids and you will be that crazy one day too.
  3. Old ladies don’t stoop because of old age, they stoop because they have spent years reaching down to small children and lifting them up.
  4. The best strength training is your child.  Just look at the gun I have in one arm.
  5. Your childhood begins and ends the moment you become a parent.
  6. You can cry and laugh when your child is laughing because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.
  7. You can fall in love with a tiny person who has no bowel control, can’t feed themself or speak a disconcernable language.
  8. Babies learn to smile at their mothers early so they get taken care of.  Its very similar to the smile a spouse has when they do something wrong.
  9. Babies are like the very elderly.  Both are helpless but are valuable and need love nonetheless.
  10. Being a parent makes you a better human being.
  11. You will sound like your mother. Deal with it.
  12. Being a parent is like being mentally ill.
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Lela Demeter is an educator, technologist and mother of one.

Feeding Moses – A Modern Wet Nurses’ Tale

feeding-mosesI recently spotted this short article in the back pages of people magazine while nursing my son and waiting for prescriptions at Walgreens.
I am nursing successfully for the first time with my second son, so this article peeked my interest.
The article portraits a modern wet nurse scenario of sorts.
Robbie Goodrich is a history professor at Northern Michigan University and his wife Susan already had a beautiful 2 year old little girl and were excited about the birth of their first son.  Just 11 hours after Moses was born, Susan died of a rare amniotic fluid embolism. Susan wanted to nurse her second child to his first birthday just as she had with her first baby. A nurse helped Robbie order $500 of pumped milk from a local milk bank to help him out.  A good friend of the family called Robbie and offered to nurse Moses for him and Robbie accepted. Within a week, 20 some other mothers from around the area, organized by another close friend of the family at church, all donated their time, their bodies and their milk to make Susan’s wishes a reality…even after death.
I was amazed to see that so many women were willing to give up time in their day, when already nursing their own child to help this family.
It made me realize and contemplate a lot of things. Maybe on my worst day, I don’t have it so rough. What will the relationship between Moses and his nursing ‘mothers’ be after he weans? How will this experience affect the nursing moms and Robbie? It’s amazing what love and motherhood can do.
I hope to gain interviews and answer the questions above in my blog www.MotherTrekker.com

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Going Green?


I’m always looking for ways to help keep the earth healthy. When it involves making my child healthier too, I’m all ears. Recently I read “Healthy Child, Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home,” by Christopher Gavigan and learned a lot about keeping my family and my home healthy that I didn’t know before. From nontoxic ways to get rid of household pests (like ants, which I’m getting to test out now in my own home), to ways to minimize allergens in the home (I learned carpeting is not the best choice), to recipes for healthy snacks, homemade cleaners, and non-toxic crafts to make with your child, this book is jam-packed with great ideas. It’s definitely a book I’ll be referring to often during the day. The book also features a foreword by Meryl Streep and contributions by public health experts and other celebrity parents. I’d call this a must-read for all parents and those interested in helping to keep the earth as green as possible, and our kids as healthy as possible in the process.

from UpscaleBaby.com by Susan

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I’m not taking a nap!

IMG_4053Mommyblogging has turned me semi-nocturnal and my need for naps with two boys is primal. I’ve tried to get my 4 year old to regain his afternoon sleepiness. This has led to multiple negotiations: If you stay quietly in your room for an hour…., If you sit next to mommy’s bed and read…., If you don’t help me, so help me God….

We decided that he’d try and nap for an hour and we’d see how it goes. This day he stayed defiant that he wasn’t taking a nap. I thought he was reading and playing with his toys. He was quiet on the monitor.

After an hour the baby and I awoke from our midafternoon slumber. We went to wake the 4 year old and there he was, asleep on his bed with his backpack on.

I asked him why he had a backpack on and he said he was going to run away because he didn’t want to take a nap. Only, he got tired when he got his blanket and fell asleep. IMG_4054
I told him, of course that I’d miss him terribly if he left. (Note to self sleep with the burglar alarm on!) He then had to show me every toy he had packed in his backpack. It’s a good thing we weren’t going on a trip.

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