Say What?

“Oh Lord, in Heedy O’liney!”
- translation: Oh Lord in Heaven Almighty.
— Ryan, 4


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Kindermusik app

I am so excited. I’d been doing kindermusik with my son since he was a baby and he still loves it at 4. I’m excited that I can now get it on the go too. Here’s the message I got via email from Kindermusik. [...]


iPhone vs. Smartphone

Just thought this was funny and thought I’d pass it on.

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Baby Monitor & Alarm 1.0 for iPhone

The best part about this is that you can have Mommy’s voice respond when the baby cries!!! Check it out!! [...]


Gedgers release major update to Kids Allowance and Rewards

iphone app to help keep track of your kids good behavior & allowance? [...]


Walt Disney World Secrets Revealed in new Notescast iPhone App

Image by ThisIsIt2 via Flickr

I LOVE the fact that I don’t have to carry around maps and notes. I like the fact that I can keep kids entertained in lines with this app. If you like this app, you might be a Disneyholic.

from The MacTrack – iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and Mac News by Richard

Portland, [...]


Cramzy releases A Must Go! – iPhone App for Travel Maniacs

Perfect for all travel fans, A Must Go! features 100 of the world’s best tourist destinations. The powerful categorization and filter abilities make it easy to find the right place for you and your family. [...]


WiFiPhoto for iPhone becomes a Staff Favorite on the App Store

With a simple and elegant interface, WiFiPhoto makes it easy to download photos from iPhone and iPod Touch to any computer over a wifi network without USB cables. [...]


Apple iPhone 3G released

Apple iPhone 3G

Watch the guided tour

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