Say What?

“I’ve been good all damn day.”
Ryan, age 4 after telling him he could have something if he was good.


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Alphabet ABC Applications for Kids

Are you looking for an application (app) to help your kids learn to read? Ah, educational and distracting. Here’s my favorites apps that have the ABCs. Oh and P.S. it’s on the cheap!

It’s also a great use for those in ESL (English as a Second Language).

ABC PocketPhonetics-Lite: letters, sounds & writing
(Apps in My Pocket Ltd.)

Great ‘first’ [...]


How Not to Talk to Your Kids -The inverse power of praise.

As a former educator, I was also appalled by the overuse of praise in an effort to uplift student’s self-esteem. I didn’t want to use purple pens when correcting, because a wrong answer is wrong, no matter what the color. [...]