Say What?

“I’ve been good all damn day.”
Ryan, age 4 after telling him he could have something if he was good.


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A love letter to my husband

Having our son made me Superwoman. But you are the wind underneath my cape. Here’s why: [...]


A Working Mother’s “Stay-at-Home” Experiment

This summer vacation was especially poignant, because it would be the first summer I spent with my son, and the longest duration of time we had together since his birth and my subsequent maternity leave.


The Curse of the Sanctimommy

The sanctimommy makes a comment or thinks, “Man, what a disorganized mom, I feel sorry for that kid.”
I used to think that I was so scattered that I would never have a sanctimommy moment – but I did. [...]


I’d Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper

I’m going to try and use this book to help my husband and I to reconnect. It was nice to read a perspective similar to my own, I knew I wasn’t the only one out there in a whirlwind of mommyhood/marriage confusion. [...]


All I Needed to Know about Life I learned in the first six months of Parenthood

As my child gets closer to the huge first birthday, I thought I would jot down some random thoughts that I have learned in the long, strange trip that is parenthood. [...]


‘Dad is sleeping as he enjoyed the whiskey at the party…’

DAD IS SLEEPING AS HE ENJOYED THE WHISKEY AT THE PARTY and other hilarious emails from your mother [...]


Going Green?


I’m always looking for ways to help keep the earth healthy. When it involves making my child healthier too, I’m all ears. [...]