Say What?

“Ryan, you’re free!”
“No, I’m four!”
— Ryan age 4 with a friend


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Add a little flirty flair to your style

Looking to update your wardrobe? Maybe add a little flair when you go out to run errands, are at work or just out with friends?
I found something I really like. As a mom, I’m always trying to just dress up a little, add a sexy hourglass shape and hide flaws.
Chic Star has an amazing shirt [...]


Who are they kidding – that is no purse!

by Lela Demeter

I am addicted to bags.  I need to join a support group for my bag addiction.  Before I had my baby, I loved my bags.  Seriously.  Who wouldn’t?  If you gain weight, your purse still fits.  Many purses still look nice, season after season.  Spend a little bit of cash and your [...]