Say What?

“You know Mom, everybody has a nest.”
Ryan, age 4 after riding quietly in the car for a few minutes.


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My Child, The Logistical Nightmare

Ive been consumed by the strategy of packing for our annual Christmas trip home. It’s a 3 hour flight, so shorter than the 8+ flight I used to have before our recent move to the States, but still. With a 4 year old with a short attention span with immediate gratification syndrome and a one year [...]


Travel activities for kids 2 and Under

Granted, children that are under 6 months or so are the best to travel with. It may not seem like it at the time, but believe me no matter the age, children are hard to control. At this age their basic needs being met, they are usually fine. [...]


Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

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Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

It’s hot, you have baby gear to tote, but you need a day at the beach nonetheless. How long until naptime? What to bring for lunch that won’t spoil? Will the kids be entertained and safe? How do I keep the baby from eating sand?

I liked this article since [...]


Some plane advice for Your Laptop

Taking your laptop abroad can be a risk with the possibility of it getting lost, stolen or damaged. Frequent business travellers will experience this regularly and may be more prepared for successfully getting their laptop abroad safely. … [...]