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My Child, The Logistical Nightmare

Ive been consumed by the strategy of packing for our annual Christmas trip home. It’s a 3 hour flight, so shorter than the 8+ flight I used to have before our recent move to the States, but still. With a 4 year old with a short attention span with immediate gratification syndrome and a one year old that’s moving like a tiny ADHD drunk, it’ll be one Hell of a ballet. Even with my husband on this journey to help carry the safety gear required nowadays to keep our boys safe and healthy,it’s enough to hibernate under the duvet for the winter. But alas, the thought of the joy on my children and their grandparent’s faces as they share the traditions of the season, the sparkle of new fallen snow and the laughter of friends keep me motivated.
The packing begins.
See how I suggest you travel with your tots this season.

Travel activities for kids 2 and Under

Image by Charles via Flickr

I’ve been on many long flights with my son domestic and international, from the time he was 6 weeks old until present day (he’s 4).

I try to think of things that are cheap, easy to pack and replaceable. These tips are for the keeping the kids occupied and you sane during the journey itself.

Granted, children that are under 6 months or so are the best to travel with. It may not seem like it at the time, but believe me no matter the age, children are hard to control. At this age their basic needs being met, they are  usually fine.

I’ll try and add to the list if I discover more.

  • Tin Foil – cheap, folds flat, shiny and can be shaped in hundreds of forms, including a ball. Even recyclable!
  • Pen or Marker. This will help to decorate the barf bags in your front pocket. You can make hats and puppets.
  • Bubbles- unfortunately due to security checks this isn’t the best option anymore. It has worked for me in the past. You can try the stores at your gate to see if they sell them.
  • Blanket- tug of war, peek a boo, comfort.
  • Kleenex– yes it gets the boogies and clears the ears, but it’s a great game. Just tilt your head back, lay the tissue on your face and blow. Instant laughter. I swear.

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Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

Pūpūkea, Hawaii
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Must-Have Items for Beaching with Kids

It’s hot, you have baby gear to tote, but you need a day at the beach nonetheless. How long until naptime? What to bring for lunch that won’t spoil? Will the kids be entertained and safe? How do I keep the baby from eating sand?

I liked this article since I’ve been living near the beach, I’ve been adjusting my beach plan since I’ve had kids.

What do you bring, do and live without when you take kids to the beach? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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Some plane advice for Your Laptop

from ToshibaLife

Some Plane Advice for Your Laptopplane_1890075088

This article may help some of you that feel stranded while traveling in more ways than one!
When my husband travels with me there is always the juggle between keep the kids safe and keep the  laptop from getting stolen. This can give some tips on keeping both safe at the same time.

Also, having a laptop can let you surf if the kids are napping and can entertain the kiddos when there’s a delay. Tips on how to do this successfully too.

Any ideas for us moms out there? Please comment below.