Here I will review applications, software and programs for your smartphone or computer. I myself have used iphone, itouch and have had a palm in the past. I have tons of friends with Blackberrys that I connect with on these topics.

Let’s begin at the beginning:

What’s an app?
stands for applications.

What’s the difference between applications,software and programs?
Applications can be downloaded on your smartphone, itouch, iphone or Blackberry wirelessly. Applications can also be downloaded on your computer and synced to your smarthphone.

What’s synced?
When you connect your smartphone device to your computer with a USB cord. This makes what’s on your computer and on your device the same. You can also transfer items from one to another.

How do I download apps to my device?
Please check with your device’s instructions. Generally you may have an app store icon or button on your itouch or iphone. If you have an older itouch or first generation, you may have to download apps to your computer using itunes and then synch them onto your itouch later.

Apple app store icon

Apple app store icon

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